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For the focus of my localization story, I plan to write about how, throughout the nation, many of the major cities have increased the rent of apartments, not even by year but, by a span of as little as the last three months (July-September).

Areas such as Los Angeles, Boston, Chicago and other major cities have all had at least a one percent increase in rent during those months.  I am going to take this information and try to localize it to the East Lansing area to see if there has been any rent increases in the past year or semester.  I want to find out what is the cause for any rent changes, where it’s mostly happening, with what company, who it will affect, and when this has taken or will take place (if at all).

Some sources I will find helpful would be people who have lived in apartments for at least two years, DTN Management, and other student’s opinions on this issue.  I want to also find out what causes any increase in the rent for apartments, such as the economy, renovations or other factors.   I don’t have a video recorder but I do have a camera that takes videos so I will try to use that to capture the story.

I believe this story would be featured in State News or even Lansing State Journal because it impacts not just students, but all people looking to find apartments in the Lansing area.  This story uses the building blocks of impact, proximity, and possibly controversy.  It could be controversial because it may affect the opinions and decisions of apartment hunting for students and residents of the area, even though it has impacted other people across the country.

-Cristina Toscano


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