By Zane McMillin

I generally don’t read many blogs, but every now and then I come across some pretty solid ones. I’m kind of particular as to what blogs grab my attention. I think that probably goes for all of us.

Here are a few sites I do enjoy:

1. NY Times: I’ll admit the blog homepage on the Web site is less than attractive. And the little blurbs under each one don’t exactly reel you in. But I’m a fan of simplicity, so I don’t care. There are so many blogs on the NY Times site, which is its first pro. The variety of blogs offered is great. They range anywhere from news blogs to art blogs. The blogs link to different areas around the site, some include videos and (depending on the blog) they’re well-written. It doesn’t matter if you like sports, politics, or design. There’s a blog for that.

2. Slate: Again, simplicity. Nothing other than a headline to draw readers in. But with Slate, the headline is often enough. I like Slate’s blog section (and the site in general) because it’s news with a dash of sarcasm. And, like I mentioned with the NY Times, there’s variety. There are blogs for news, art, life, science, et cetera. As is the case with almost all news Web sites, Slate provides links and other media with their blogs. Which can be annoying because God knows I have about 15 tabs on my Web browser up at any given time.

3. I Love Typography, Too: Pretty sure I saw this on someone else’s post, but I feel compelled to put it up as well. I like this site a lot because, well, I love typography. When I figured out highway signs were Trebuchet (or pretty close, anyway), I about died. I’m kind of a history buff and I like how they include the history behind the font in some posts. And, as if I haven’t said it enough, it’s simple. They have videos to supplement posts, which is a plus. And they encourage interaction with readers. It’s one thing to read about typography, but getting into a discussion about it is nerdy fun too.

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