Sports Blogging: It’s What the Fans Want

With fans playing increased roles in sports today, blogging has become very popular in the world of sports.  Professional teams are paying more attention to what the fan has to say, as shown by fans now voting to pick what play to run in the Pro Bowl, or fans voting for the starting five for the professional basketball all-star game.  Fans, such as myself, all have their opinions of daily events in sports and blogging is a great way for them to share what they feel.  Personally, I love reading an article and then the comments that fans have about them.  Sometimes the comments are really intuitive, and by reading them I see a whole new side to a story.  These links are to popular sports blogs that I enjoy.

  1. is the link to a great blogging site about the National Football League.  You see the headlines and ledes for the stories, as well as the tags that come with them.  There are many stories presented to readers this way, who can then choose whether to keep reading the article.  Many of these blogs have videos with them so that the reader can see what happened instead of just reading about it.  Also, it lists blogs by category so that if  you want to read about something, say the Super Bowl, you can find articles related only to the Super Bowl.  This is a fast and easy way to find out about interesting events that occur in the league.
  2. is the link to a blogging site about Major League Baseball.  A cool thing about this site is that it separates between featured blogs and most recent blogs.  Also, fans can go to blogs about their favorite teams, instead of wasting their time scrolling through many blogs that they don’t care about.  Even better, this site has links to individual players’ blogs so fans can target their favorite player and read what he has to say.
  3. is the link to a blogging site that has stories about various kinds of sports, from  professional basketball to the Olympics.  It sorts the blogs by most popular, most recent, and video blogs.  This site has blogs about everything in the world of sports, which is great  for those who follow more than one sport like I do.

By Craig Ebinger

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