Science, technology and games, what more is there?

By: Nick Bryant

Blogs are not my thing. If I want to read news, I’ll pick up a newspaper. If I want opinions on current events, I’ll ask my friends. And I don’t much care to read someone’s online diary.  So I went into this blind, not knowing where to look or what to look for. Through a series of random clickings I came across a few that tickled my fancy, believe it or not.

1.  Weird Science– This blog isn’t just for the scientists and nerds of the world. Anyone interested in what makes a spider’s web sticky, why some cancer patient’s fingerprints disappear, gene mutations, or anything of that nature would find themselves at home here. While the amount of posts are few and far between, they are detailed and, in my opinion, interesting.

2. Gizmodo– In this rapidly advancing world it is sometimes hard to keep up with new technology. There’s a blog for that. Gizmodo has everything from cameras and computers to game consoles to phones to the internet. It even has information on developing technologies and technologies that could theoretically be developed. The posts are long and detailed, but that is expected of a technology blog. Specifications, speculations, opinions, comparisons, everything you could want or need to become tech savvy.

3. Casual Game Blogs– Okay, if you cry foul on this one, I won’t argue. Casual Game Blogs isn’t a blog, but a collection of them. It is written primarily by game creators, but there is some fan input as well. New games coming out, reviews on games that already came out, updates on game related lawsuits, tips on buying games and saving money. With short and simple posts, this blog has all the information on indie games you could ask for.


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