Ballin’ Blogs

By: Allen Martin 

Everyone who comes in contact with me knows that I love sports, especially the NBA. I love getting updates on statistics, player injuries, conference seedings, and even information on the great players of NBA past. When it comes to blogging, I have two great blogs that I visit frequently to get my NBA updates. I would like to share these sites with you, while also providing an example of a NBA blog site that could use much improvement. Hope you enjoy!

Ballin’ Blogs:

1. “NBA Ground” is a blog site dedicated to various aspects of the NBA world. This blog contains creative outlooks, timely stories, and vast coverage of the entire NBA world. Currently on “NBA Ground, ” they have a story posted about the reasoning behind Ron Artests’ numbers that he has worn throughout his career. This is a story that would not be seen in your average sports newspaper. “NBA Ground” also does a great job at keeping its stories up-to-date. The stories posted are usually about current events that have taken place, at most, a day ago. As far as coverage goes, this blog does not fail. “NBA Ground” talks about everything from injury reports to conference standings. If you want to know about what teams are the best, statistics and big-time players then this is the blog site for you. 

2. “Crashing the Glass” is a great blog in the aspects of coverage and creativity. I love to read this blog because its coverage of the topics it talks about is so extensive. The writers not only tell of what happened but they will go above and beyond, covering multiple aspects of the event. I also love how opinionated some stories evolve to become. If someone is making an argument as to why a team should have won the game, the arguments are validated and backed up with credible information. The writers do a great job at justifying themselves throughout their stories. They take very creative angles, but their arguments are clear and concise. 

3. The “NBA Weblog” is an example of a bad blog. The biggest problem that I have with this blog is that it does not do a good job at timeliness. The stories are sometimes four days old! I think this blog also does a poor job at its extensiveness. The stories have no depth and just summarize everything that happen. If its an opinionated piece it usually is just bashing a player without telling why or providing a legitimate argument.  

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