How To: Blog The Best

By: Mo Hnatiuk

I’m not what anyone would consider a “professional blogger.” Yes, so I frequently update the same livejournal I have had since I was 15 years old and maybe the majority of my internet time is spent browsing websites rather than researching; still I do not consider myself “internet savvy.” Yet, with the blog browsing I have been doing the past two days I believe I have found some substantial bloggers, and with their examples, perhaps one day I can blog with the best, and you can, too.

Some Bodacious Blogs:

  • I really enjoy this blog. Not only is it updated frequently to please its followers (it is run by Facebook, which captivates the majority of my generation ) but it discusses interesting topics. Whether you want to know about the people who created Facebook, the studies currently involving it, pop culture or politics at present; this blog has it all.
  • This blog comes from the MSNBC website. While I do feel like the written word is important, I am extremely partial to multi-media outlets. This blog rocks because the daily pictures are beautiful and have detailed discriptions of what is occuring in their captions. The public is encouraged to comment, and many do (most of which write humorous “captions” inresponse to what they are veiwing).
  • Love candy? You’ll love this! This well-laid out blog is for any that may be looking to indulge their sweet tooth. Its frequent updates include what it going on in the candy-selling market, rare candies for many types of people such as vegans, gifts for all occasions, and recipes galore! It is simple to find anything you are looking for with taglines on the side as well as references to articles and other related blogs.

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