Three blogs I dig…and why you should too

Google’s search engine has made us ridiculously lazy these days. I guess I can’t speak for my classmates, but me? It’s made me lazy.

I type frantically into my computer: “best blogs”.

Health care, Iraq, sports, the auto industry…all overdone. If I’m going to read a blog this late at night, it has to catch my attention I decide.

“The Pioneer Woman: Black Heels to Tractor Wheels”: it’s something my classmates would have clicked off of in seconds. I, however, was intrigued.

Ree Drummond, “The Pioneer Women”, relates to my everyday transition here at MSU…sort of. Drummond writes of her everyday struggles from the city to the country, taking her readers on a hilarious, quirky ride full of striking photography.

As a country-girl at heart, Drummond’s writing relates to me. Being taken out of your natural environment is no easy feat to overcome. I left a small farming town in Southern Michigan two years ago for a campus that is about 20 times larger. Talk about transition.

Which brings me to “Campus Overload”.

Articles about Facebook, alcohol, D.C. internships, and Twitter being used in journalism?

I was hooked.

The Washington Post’s education reporter Jenna Johnson showcases student leadership and motivational articles as well as looking out for the more “trivial” issues that college students face. Do MSU students want to know if their parents may be notified for their alcohol violations? You bet they do, as do hundreds of thousands of other college students across the country. Johnson provides a resource that colleges students can’t find anywhere else, at least not in one place.

Blogging about blogs wouldn’t be complete without the addition of my all-time favorite. The New York Times’ “Lens” is the epitome of good visual blogging. For any photography lover, this blog is an absolute must-see. Oftentimes in journalism, one photo ends up getting used for a print publication…a whole roll of fantastic film that readers never see. “The Lens” covers international as well as domestic stories and includes that extra roll of film, making for a great overall experience.

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