West Circle students seek fitness center (story plan)

By Annie Perry

West Circle is the only residential neighborhood on campus without its own fitness center, and students are working to get one. Led by a residential mentor from Landon hall, students have created a Facebook group and, according to the mentor, have the West Circle Director involved in the project.

I’ve spoken with the mentor and he said he would have an interview with me, but wants me to keep his name out of the article because of the controversy associated with the project–there are conflicts between various departments at Michigan State about the issue.

To do this article, I will need to talk to the mentor and the West Circle Director, as well as directors from the other departments that have reasons for not wanting the gym to be built in West Circle.

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  1. IM West is literally a 5-minute walk from West Circle. Why would they waste the money and get their own fitness center? That’s so uneccessary.