Etiquette dinner seeks to improve manners

By: Sam Schmitt

Over the last few days, I have been glancing at the e-mails that I would normally ignore or drop straight into the trash. Surprisingly, almost every single one of them had the potential to be my first story pitch. With that said, my roommate, and sophomore majoring in Hospitality Business, ended up being the source of information that I chose.

The Lodging and Gaming Management Association (LGMA) is a student run organization whose focus is on creating positive experiences for students in the lodging and gaming industry. My story pitch is about an Etiquette Dinner they are hosting on Feb. 23 at the Kellogg Center. The purpose of the dinner is to teach the proper etiquette used at dinner meetings (manners, how to act, appropriate dress, conversation tactics, etc.)

This really grabbed my attention, and I think it would be of interest to a wide variety of people. I’m excited to talk to the VP of event planning and see if there is any tips that she can give me to use in the article for those who are not able to attend the dinner.


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