FREE Bowling and Billiards at the Union

What do college students want to do late at night on a Thursday?  Play bowling or billiards obviously!  The MSU Union offers free bowling and billiards from 8 to 12 pm every Thursday.  I went once and had a real lot of fun doing it.  I am curious how many students even know about this event.

I plan on going down there either this Thursday or next Thursday and will interview some of the students participating in it as well as the workers to find out what they see throughout the night.  Also, I will just ask random students in my dorm or around campus to find out if they are aware of this event.

I really think this is a great thing for the Union to do because it provides a fun, safe, and social thing for college students to do on a Thursday night when they could be tempted to go out and party.  It could just provide a change of pace from their usual weekends.  And most importantly…ITS FREE!!! Find me a college student who’s head doesn’t turn when they hear those two words.

By Craig Ebinger

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