So I’ve been tossing up a few different ideas for my story pitch for a while now. And every time I thought I had found something awesome, it turned out to be just the opposite. So after looking through countless flyers posted at the Union, the Library, and in various dorm complexes across campus, I finally found something that caught my eye- and stuck.

The MSU JV Polo club takes students of all experience levels and teaches them the age-old sport of polo. No, that’s not water polo, but polo played on a horse. That sounds completely ridiculous, right? Most of the students that get on the JV polo team have had limited-to-no experience with the sport.
All they have to know how to do is ride a horse.

This club intrigues me. Polo is a sport that has flown so far under the radar, that in a contemporary university environment, where early morning tailgating and late night basketball games are “the norm”, it seems out of place.
I want to find out where this club came from, and how it compares to other university clubs and sports.

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