News Story Pitch

By: Dana Casadei

As of now I actually have two ideas for the news story pitch and Im not sure which one would be more newsworthy.

My first idea was to do my story about the Kresge Art Museum’s newest exhibit and focus on the lecture that was given last week by Susan J. Bandes, who is the director of the museum. I would interview her and a few people that attended the event. I would mainly talk about the lecture that was given and aspects such as how this exhibit was chosen, why American Modernism, what makes it special, etc.

The other story that I was thinking about doing I got from the Lansing State Journal’s calender. On Sunday, February 21st, the East Lansing Public Library is holding an event called the Annual Dragon’s Faire. This event is family friendly and will have stunts and different types of events by the Ann Arbor based Ring of Steel Action Theatre. I figured that if I do this I could interview a few of the Ring of Steel Action members, parents and children that attend the event, and who ever puts on the event. I think it would be very interesting because The Ring of Steel Action Theatre is “an educational organization dedicated to developing and promoting the art of stunt work and refining the portrayal of staged violence,” according to their website. I would be very interested to how members got involved with this sort of organization and why they feel people should go see their shows.


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