An interesting hour with a ‘duh’ moment

By Samantha Scheltema

My friend Sarah had asked me a while ago if I was available to go with her to an event happening on MSU campus. She does not go to MSU and just wanted the company while she attended this event for school. The name of the event, to me, was pretty funny: Powwow of love. I stopped snickering when she told me it was a Native American tradition and was all very serious. I still thought the name was kind of funny, but I am entirely not making fun of the tradition or Native Americans.

I have been very scatter-brained and therefore the idea of doing this as my news story did not punch me in the face until I was there taking pictures for my friend. Then I started getting nervous and could not think of any interview questions and therefore gave up on the idea all together. But, now that I have had a chance to think about it and relax, my mind has veered back to this idea. Although it did occur Feb. 13 to 14, I still think I will be able to pull it off as my news story. I know someone who has a friend who helped in coordinating the Powwow and will also contact the woman who seemed to be in charge of the announcements during the ceremony.

This is news worthy and we should be interested in this because MSU is a very diverse school and we should expose ourselves to the cultures while we have the chance to do things like this for free. While at the Powwow, although I did not participate in the dancing or anything like that, the chanting and singing itself were enough to give me goosebumps. The ceremonial outfits and drumming were also amazing. There were merchants who provided things like painted feathers and hand-made drums which were absolutely marvelous and made me wish I had more money. All in all, it was a very interesting and uplifting experience.


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