Greek Life!

By: Allen Martin

As I thought about an idea for my first story, I knew that I wanted to do something that would be different and interesting. I began to look at different things that were happening around the nation, but nothing seemed to intrigue me. Then something clicked! Looking at the incidents that have been occurring on campus, I started to see that the Greek’s were taking hits left and right. Fighting and drinking happened to be commonly associated with the Greek life here at Michigan State University.

I want to explore the good side of the Greek’s here on campus, specifically the minority Greek’s who don’t get much publicity. Around campus I always see fliers for programs that are being held on behalf of these organizations, but I never hear about these events being publicized in the media at MSU. But on the other hand, the minute a fight breaks out at one of their parties, it makes the front page of the paper. I want to broadcast these organizations in a positive light and raise awareness on the great things they are doing to uplift the college community.  I think this will be a great article that will open the eyes to many students and faculty on this campus.


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