Class on the go.

This morning started out like every other Thursday morning. I got up, ate a rushed breakfast in the Brody cafeteria, and caught the Route 25 bus at 8:47 am so I wouldn’t be late to JRN 200–which starts promptly at 9:10 am.
It was when I got to class that things were a little different.
Nancy Hanus, our habitually punctual professor, was nowhere to be seen.
Worried, we scoured Twitter and soon found out that there was monstrous
traffic on route I-96, and that Nancy was trapped in the middle of it.
So, 9:10 came and went. So did 9:20, 9:30 and 9:40. But that didn’t stop class.
Nancy used audioboo, and tweeted an assignment to us. Yes, you read correctly.
She TWEETED us an assignment.
And although all of us could have ignored it.
Although we could have left at 9:25, after Nancy was 15 minutes late.
We stayed.
I believe that it takes a certain amount of dedication and a rare hunger for journalistic experience to make a classroom full of students stay and wait for a professor who is unusually late.
But also, I mean, she did ask.

All of us in JRN200 learned a valuable lesson this morning: it doesn’t matter where you are, if technology is accessible, teacher-to-student interaction is still VERY much possible. Class will go on.

By Taylor Benson


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