JRN 200 students use multimedia to connect with professor

Traffic on I-96 was in a grindlock this morning, causing our JRN professor Nancy Hanus to be 40 minutes late to class–far beyond the “15-minute rule,” which claims that if a professor is more than 15 minutes late to class, students were allowed to leave.

We didn’t, though, because Nancy was able to connect with us using Twitter and Audioboo, which even grabbed the Detroit News’ attention, who retweeted Nancy’s tweet as well as one of my own.

This experience rebuke’s the argument that Twitter is just another social networking site or a place where people can post their Facebook statuses and let their followers know they’re eating trail mix without clogging the news feed. Twitter allowed our class to stay in touch with our professor, even when she was an hour away, and begin class at a normal time–every professor’s dream and student’s nightmare (only kidding).

Have no fear: Nancy did assure us that she recorded the directions on Audioboo while getting wiper fluid for her car. And, thanks to this experience and a lovely reminder from the Detroit News, I won’t be leaving my digital camera at home anymore.

By Annie Perry

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