Teacher Blogs from Car… to Mo

Thursday’s class was a unique experience. I got to class around 8:45 a.m. like usual, so I could study for my AP style quiz. As my classmates arrived, we discussed the looming quiz and our anxieties. By the time we realized our professor was absent, it was already 20 minutes after the class was scheduled to begin. None of us had received emails from our professor, nor had she mentioned an absence in the class we had earlier in the week. Finally, an employee at the J-school came down to tell us that our professor was stuck in traffic and wanted us to wait.

So we did, despite the university’s 15-minutes-late-then-leave guideline.

As we all took advantage of the free time, we Facebooked and studied for our AP Style quiz. Then, someone went on Twitter. Nancy Hanus, our professor, had been tweeting us updates on her location. She also had tweeted us an assignment complete with an audio clip explaining the assignment in detail. The assignment required us to interview a random person in the building about their plans for Spring Break. Though we attempted, for a 9:10 a.m. class, there was virtually NO ONE in the hallways. We tried to buckle down and interview each other, but as poor college students only 4 of us were going on vacation.

While we continued to tweet our professor, I feel like we bonded as a class and grew as potential journalists. The chaotic incident allowed us to involve ourselves in new forms of media we were unfamiliar with and have a few laughs on the way.

While the situation was stressful, what with an assignment due we were unsure how to accomplish, we managed to come to a consensus and blog on the experience we had.

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