Technology Thursday

After waking up this morning to our professor Nancy’s tweet about how she was stuck on I-96, I had the faint hope that I would get to class and there would be a sign saying that class had been cancelled, therefore getting out of the AP Style quiz which I wasn’t looking too forward to.

When I got to class, there was no note on the door just the same classroom full of students that I see every Tuesday and Thursday. Everyone was talking about Nancy’s tweet that we had all seen, wondering whether or not we would be able to install the infamous leave after 15 minute rule to our class today. A few minutes later someone came in and told us Nancy wanted us to wait. Then Nancy began to tweet to our class, giving us an assignment over Twitter.

As someone that for awhile thought that Twitter was kind of dumb and useless, today proved me totally wrong. If  it wasn’t for the mulitmedia, like Twitter, that we use today as journalists then we wouldn’t have had this very blog to write about. Through Twitter and Audiostream we were able to communicate with our professor and get an assignment. Even when we had questions about the assignment, in which none of us had the camera or flip that was needed, we got answers right away. We even got responses from the Detroit News about our class and professor. Today’s class just goes to prove how far the journalism world has come in the past decade or so.

By: Dana Casadei

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