Thursday debacle.

by Lindsay Nowak

I expected to walk into my JRN200 class at 9:10 this morning nervous for my AP style quiz, expecting to talk about current news going on and most likely do some updating on Twitter.

What I walked into was complete confusion, excitement, and nervousness about what our JRN prof Nancy would say that we weren’t able to do the assignment she wanted us to do.

Poor Nancy was stuck in traffic, and sent us a voice message directing us to interview students on spring break plans. Unfortunately, at 9 in the morning, there isn’t a lot of action in the Arts and Comm. building.

After a class wide debate, and many tweets later, Nancy finally made it to class….and now we are blogging about our experience.

I am surprised to see how helpful multimedia can be. Had it not been for Twitter or Audioboo, Nancy would not have been able to convey the message that she was in traffic, and after about 15 minutes of us sitting here (15 Min Rule does still apply as far as I’m concerned), we would have left.

It’s amazing how fast word can spread, even if only one person can see it. What was funny was we could also see the Detroit News tweeting about our experience, and how Nancy was able to communicate with us in other ways than calling us.

Sure it’s dangerous, tweeting while driving (same as texting as driving, which after watching Oprah’s rant about the “No phone zone” in the car I can’t see myself doing it anymore and you shouldn’t either!) but quite helpful in directing our class without her presence.

In my opinion, even though there was much confusion and a little bit of chaos, Nancy handled it well, and I give her props for not just turning around on her 3 hour trek to class. : ) That’s dedication!


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