Just my luck…I have the most tech-savvy professor at MSU

I have told this story 1,000 times..but here we go again.

I woke up early Thursday morning, to get some extra studying in before my Grammar Style Quiz in JRN 200. After a little cram reading of the AP Style guide I layered up my clothing and bundled up before I headed out to what I call a “blizzard”. By the way, I’m not from Michigan, so anytime we get snow, I call it a blizzard.

Class seemed normal. My professor was running late as usual. Which is totally understandable because she travels nearly 80miles to get to MSU. Five minutes turned into ten. By this time, my class was ready to walk out. See, in college, students obey by an unwritten 15 minute rule. It states that if your professor does not show up to class within the first 15 minutes..students are free to leave.

While most of the class is studying for the quiz, one student checks his Twitter. He is shocked to find our professor has Tweeted to the class. She let us know via Twitter that she was stuck in stand still traffic on Highway 96. She informed us that she was on her way and told us not to leave.

She then Tweeted again!!! This time she posted a link to a site called audiboo. Through audiboo, my professor recorded a voice recording of her giving us an assignment. I’m pretty sure she recorded it with her iPhone.

This was amazing to me!!! I was stunned to see my professor use so much technology to communicate with her students. I think it was really cool..even though I desperately wanted to leave at the 15 minute mark.

The Detroit News picked up on my professor’s Tweets and they Retweeted her assignment on audioboo. Her Tweets were for her JRN 200 class to read…I doubt she paid attention to everyone else who was able to read them.Through social networking sites, you can contact 1,000’s of people in only seconds! That’s a good reminder to always be careful what you say on the internet.

The advancements in technology are great!

By: Brittany McCallum


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