An Unexpected Morning

By: Allen Martin

So as I walked in my Journalism 200 course Friday morning, nothing seemed out of the ordinary. I walked in, took my usual seat and immediately began talking to Nick about how the week had been going. After a while I looked at the clock and realized that the usual class start time of 9:10a.m. had passed considerably and it was now 9:21. My classmates and I began to get anxious.

Where was Nancy? Was class canceled? What should we do?

Those three questions, amongst many more, encompassed much of the discussion during around that time. Finally, someone checked their Twitter page. Nancy, my professor, had left us a message explaining that she was stuck in traffic and was going to be late. She wanted us to do an assignment while she was gone that consisted of interviewing and recording. The only problem was that none of us had those resources. My classmates and I spent almost an hour trying to figure out what to do with the assignment before Nancy got there.

Throughout that moment I realized just how important it is to ALWAYS BE PREPARED as a journalist. You never know what may come up and you have to be ready. It also put into perspective just how important social networking sites have become. Without Twitter, it would’ve been very difficult to otherwise reach us.

What a morning uhh?

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