I can’t even imagine how much reporting it took to produce this monster of a story. Even more, how much work it took to pick through all the details to put the hours before, during and after the flight into a time capsule of sorts. The readers are voyeurs, looking in on the lives of those affected: what they were doing before, how they felt in the airport, what they thought after the ‘explosive device’ went off.

That’s mostly what I liked about the article: the attention to detail. And building on that, the way the detail is woven into the fabric of the story kept me reading, even though I kept thinking the story was a touch too long. I’m definitely not fawning over the article, but considering its size and the depth of detail, it was written well. It’s the kind of reporting journalists should strive for: taking newsy elements, combining detail and context, and telling a story well. The story might have crumbled under its own weight, but it held its own.

.: Zane McMillin

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