A deeper look at Flight 253

Ron French’s article “Inside story of terror on Flight 253” is exactly what the title of this blog suggests. It takes the quick news story papers published on deadline and gives it a humane aspect by including the stories of those on the airplane. In giving background information on the passengers, French shows how different they are and how one event connected them.

What I liked about French’s writing was the foreshadowing he gave, which added dramatic irony to the article. He included a quote from a passenger who said to her seatmate, “Well, it can’t get any worse than this,” after her flight had been delayed 24 hours. He didn’t add little details for the sake of being descriptive; each detail had a purpose and built suspense until the climax of the story.

Though the article was long, it was skillfully written and gave readers a more personal account on the incident.

By Annie Perry


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