Headlines on Christmas Day

Even months after the attempted Christmas Day terror attack took place, rereading the account of the story still sends chills down my spine.
It was surreal…unlike anything else.
What happened that day on Flight 253 changed Christmases throughout the world, as family members were glued to the TV and scrolling headlines.
There wasn’t a single American that saw those headlines and didn’t immediately think back to the dark clouds and tragic events of 9/11.
The writer portrays the story in vivid detail and I can only imagine the vast amount of reporting and research that went into reconstructing exactly what happened that day.
I think providing small glimpses into the everyday lives and stories of individuals on the flight really added to the story. Information was transitioned well and was in small enough doses not to detract from the heart of the story.
Accurately capturing emotion, activity and impact of that day is an extremely daunting task and this reporter took it on headfirst.

Lauren McKown


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