Anita Blake – A Strange Obsession

By Samantha Scheltema

“The true way to a man’s heart is six inches of metal between his ribs.”

For the past couple months I have been obsessively reading the Anita Blake, vampire hunter series by Laurell K. Hamilton. What I’ve been told is that it’s basically werewolf/Vampire porn. That is not entirely what I get from it.

Yes, Anita Blake does get a lot of that type of action. But, what I love about the series is the murders and conspiracies and overall craziness that goes on in Anita Blake’s life. Her story takes place in something like our world, but vampires and wereanimals and zombies are all real. She has powers with the dead, starts dating the “monsters” (not to mention accidentally getting involved with their so-called governments) and even works with the police. Her life is totally action packed.

The most recent book I have read of the series is Narcissus in Chains. Being who I am, most people probably wouldn’t have thought I would make it this far in the series. I used to freak out about gruesome scenes in movies and TV shows, Anita Blake is definitely a gruesome series. The details Hamilton uses are scary and I feel like it should all give me nightmares, but it surprisingly doesn’t. I have strange taste in books.


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