Being female a pre-existing condition?

By Lindsay Nowak

The article Overhaul Will Lower the Cost of Being a Woman from The New York Times, discusses how being a woman could potentially be a pre-existing condition when looking for health insurance, but not any longer.

The new health care bill has put a stop to sex discrimination in health insurance. Before the new law, health care companies took full advantage of what was called “gender rating” when selling independent health policies and charged women more than men for the same coverage with the thought in mind that women would use the health care system more. The shocker is that it was perfectly legal.

Many health insurance companies did not offer women maternity coverage, or charged extra. With the new law, companies are required to include maternity coverage which is considered “an essential health benefit.”

Companies also denied women who had recieved C-Sections or had been victims of domestic violence seeing them as pre-existing conditions that could lead to more medical costs in the future.

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