Cedarfest 2010

Cedarfest is the annual celebration (whether the Spartans are victorious or not) that takes place at Cedar Village on the Michigan State University campus. People from all over– not just MSU students– come to chant “Go Green!”

While it is an event that unites the student body and serves as a fond memory for alumni, Cedarfest has become bittersweet in the last decade giving MSU a reputation for riots, tear gas, and run-ins with the police.

Previous celebrations have been captured on video and can be watched here:

Cedarfest 2009

Cedarfest 2008

Cedarfest 2005

Michigan State University has developed the 2010 NCAA Basketball Tournament Need-To-Know Messages to keep students safe during the upcoming Final Four weekend.

  • Do not block the street or sidewalks.
  • Immediately leave any gathering that has been declared an unlawful assembly – even just observing is participating.
  • If you are arrested and convicted of a criminal offense related to an unlawful assembly or riot, you may be subject to sanctions, including expulsion or suspension from your school.
  • Cooperate with police.
  • If you believe your rights have been violated by a police officer, obtain the officer’s badge number and consider filing a formal complaint at a later date.
  • Keep moving and avoid large crowds.
  • While Cedarfest has shown to get a bit more than “rowdy,” many MSU students still believe in the annual celebration.

    “I think Cedarfest is a pretty cool experience. I think it brings a lot of students together for support of our MSU team,” Sophomore Hanna Cook said. “However, sometimes it can be taken too far.”

    Sophomore Mike Celentino said “I think that Cedarfest is fine if we win ’cause nobody gets hurt, but if we lose it’s dangerous. Last year I missed Cedarfest ’cause I was fortunate enough to be at the game. I think a lot of times the cops get too involved and that’s what makes it a much bigger deal than it is.”

    “I think it’s pretty cool. Last year I went after we won our Final Four game to go to the championship; it just seemed like a big crowd of people to me. It didn’t seem like anything too crazy was going down, and the cops know that everyone is drunk and they don’t seem to mind as long as people aren’t being destructive or fighting or anything,” Sophomore Kelly Dakesian said.

    Sophomore Ben Marengo said “Cedarfest is something every student should attend. We all know older people who went here and it’s a unique experience that alumni and current students can relate to, as long as it’s not too rowdy.”

    “I think its awesome and I think police need to do their job to protect the peace… but not this weekend,” Sophomore Nick Grace laughed about the upcoming Cedarfest.

    Whether you choose to celebrate–or not; whether you choose to acknowledge the MSU campus “party”– or not, everyone agrees that being safe and supporting the Spartans is the best thing to do.

    Coach Tom Izzo sent out an email of guidance to the Spartan student body Thursday morning. He said “Spartans celebrate with class,” which is just what we will do.

    Dear MSU Student:

    As we head to Indy on the last stretch of the road to the Final Four, we take with us your pride, support, and enthusiasm. We are honored to represent a great University and all Michigan State students and alums. We strive to be the best because we represent the best – both on and off the court. We are part of a proud and noble Spartan tradition of winning with class.

    Representing the best of MSU on an international stage is a shared responsibility…and a shared opportunity. Let’s all once again show the world that Spartans celebrate our unity with class. It’s an honor to be a Spartan. Be very loud about it. Be very proud about it.

    Go Green,
    Tom Izzo

    In Izzo we trust. Go Green! Go White!


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