Final Four tickets, at a price

Most of us have heard Final Four ticket “success” and horror stories. Of the thousands of Izzone members, for example, only 660 were able to purchase tickets. Ticket-selling Web sites such as and are selling nose-bleed section tickets for about $300 each, with tickets closer to the action ostensibly increasing incrementally to more than $1,000. Students also have turned to to purchase Final Four tickets from people with extra tickets or those looking to make money off selling their own..

Locating and purchasing a ticket from another person, while likely very stressful, is not the end of the road for students and others who purchase their tickets through their peers rather than an official Web site or vendor. The NCAA requires photo identification for those who purchase tickets online, as well as the credit card with which the purchase was made. To circumvent this, those selling their tickets are offering their state-issued IDs, student IDs and credit cards to help buyers get into Lucas Oil Stadium in Indianapolis. Most ask for the buyer’s credit card as collateral, in the event the seller’s credit card is lost.

Alex Beeson, a hospitality business freshman, said he purchased a ticket to the designated MSU student section of the stadium for $260. Having not made the cut when $25 Izzone tickets went on sale Sunday, Beeson said he was willing to pay a high price for the ticket.

“I was kind of mad I didn’t get Izzone tickets,” Beeson said. “I was willing to pay for someone else’s ticket. I really wanted to be with the Izzone.”

Beeson said he was not required to hand anything over for collateral, and said he has both the seller’s state-issued ID, student ID and credit card.

“We talked a little bit and we just went back and forth and he sounded pretty trustworthy and he just gave me his stuff,” Beeson said, adding the risk of taking such a route to get to the Final Four is negligible considering the importance of the event.

Beeson, and others who either purchase tickets other than from authorized vendors such as scalpers, might run into problems once at the stadium. Although e-mails sent to students who purchased their tickets indicate ticket-holders need only swipe their ID and ticket to gain entrance to Lucas Oil, a woman who would identify herself only as Christine said she was unsure whether staff will be on hand to ensure tickets match their holder, and that their holder matches the ID and credit card in their possession.

Christine decline to give her last name because she “is only there to help the NCAA during the tournament.”

“The student tickets it says they have to go to the line up at the south gate,” she said. “They can bring their voucher and their ID to get their ticket. It just says to have the voucher and ID. I assume it’d be okay but I can’t guarantee it.”

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– Zane McMillin


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