Force writing upon thee

By Samantha Scheltema

Obviously, as a journalist student, I love to write (because, as a lot of people have said, we are not in this for the money). But improving my writing on my own has always been a weak point for me. I basically do the writing that I need to get done and then waste time because I finally have a chance to relax, especially during the school year.

Journalistic writing, essay writing and storytelling writing are all different aspects that I need to improve on. The journalism and essay writing I get practice on during school. With creative writing I have trouble finding the time and patience to do it. The blog Finding the Time to Write helped me get ideas with how to improve my writing and other tips on how to stop procrastinating and just do it. The blog had good ideas like creating a writer’s space where people can’t bother you and is comfortable for you. They also had the fantastic idea to treat yourself after reaching a goal.

I found this blog via Twitter with following AdviceToWriters.


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