I better do my blog post

by: Ansley Prior

As a partial art student I often get criticism from family, friends and strangers alike who don’t see art as a credible profession (let alone something to be wasting perfectly good tuition money on). And while many skip the arts section of the paper, I typically skip everything else, because honestly I would rather read about some creativity than skim over the latest projected stock prices. So to all of you haters out there, this one’s for you:

An article from today’s art section of the New York Times caught my eye. A Plan to Spur Growth Away From Haiti’s Capital presents a new plan to redistribute large parts of the population in Port-au-Prince to smaller cities throughout the country; ones that have a lower risk of being effected by a natural disaster. According to urban planner Leslie Voltaire if a balance is not restored to the region, suffering will only get worse. Spreading the population equals less crime, opportunities for the growth of agriculture and increased tourism.

All of this brought to you by a group of urban planners, who in some way or another started as art students… and while urban planning is not my area of expertise, it is art, and art can change the world.


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