I was browsing Twitter yesterday (of course) and found a story that appeared in the Washington Post about a woman from Monroe, Mich., who wrote a letter to President Obama while bored at home one evening; she receives a response written personally by the president several weeks later (most responses are form letters).

The woman, 27-year-old Jennifer Cline, wrote the letter, described in the article as more of a stream of consciousness, about hardships that had befallen her. She was diagnosed with skin cancer, was laid off from her job, constantly had to request increases to her unemployment benefits/Medicaid to provide for her children, and a host of other problems. But the article isn’t written as a sob story. Cline, despite her troubles, is painted as a level-headed woman who’s probably stronger than she gives herself credit for.

What stands out the most is the article’s detail. It follows the journey Cline’s letter takes through various processes before it finally reaches President Obama. It appears that, like the article on the Christmas Day bombing, the author took pains to ensure every detail was laid out. The article is lengthy, but it flows well and is enjoyable to read.

– Zane McMillin


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