NFC North: Toughest Division in Football

by Craig Ebinger

After reading an article about the NFC North,  it got me thinking about powerhouse divisions in the NFL.

The past bunch of years it has been the NFC East.  Those days seem to be ending as the Giants and Redskins struggled last year and the Eagles and Cowboys seem to have hit the apex of their success.  The AFC East also looks really good.  The Jets and Patriots are dominant teams.  However, the Dolphins and Bills really bring that division down.

So which division is the best?  I think it’s the NFC North.  Projections for this year are all over the place.  The Vikings, Packers, and Bears could all claim to be Super Bowl contenders.  I see the division going: Vikings, Packers, Bears, Lions as it did last year.  The Vikings were dominant last year and if they get Brett Favre back, they should be equally as much of a force with that top-notch defense and incredible ground game.  The Packers were 11-5 last year and seem to only be able to improve with the youth that they have.  Then there’s the Bears, a team with numerous free agent acquisitions that seem to make their average team from last year a contender this year.  And finally, there’s the Lions.  Now that’s my favorite team so I’m a little biased but you have to admit, they’re definitely on the right track.  They don’t look like a pushover this year.


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