The Trick is to Keep Breathing

By: Brittany McCallum

“The Trick is to Keep Breathing” is an interesting story of a woman dealing with clinical depression. The story is told through her thoughts. It is very different from most novels, allowing the readers to connect with the characters mind. Readers feel like they are wearing the shoes of the main character by reading exactly what the character is thinking.

The novel, “The Trick is to Keep Breathing”, is written by Janice Galloway. The author chose a unique style of writing. The text is in different fonts, different font sizes and some sentences run off the page. Galloway chose this style to show that it is not supposed to be read like a regular book. She wanted her readers to know that they are reading the main characters thoughts. Galloway was successful using a different writing style. The style was realistic.Galloway does an outstanding job representing how serious expectations from society can affect a person, especially women. One theme shown he novel is body image. Women cannot escape the pressure of how they are supposed to look.


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