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This week I read an article from the New York Times titled Lament for a Dying Field: Photojournalism.

As an aspiring photojournalist, this really upsets me.

The article touches on the fact that photojournalism is not really one of those careers one goes into anymore in order to have a “stable future.”  Many freelance journalists simply add their photos to bulk websites which are then sold by the website manager to newspapers and other online publications. While sometimes this pays off for freelancers (they may or may not get a stipend depending on the website they belong to) it is certainly causing a problem for photojournalists who want to get paid for their field of work.

As a student, I do both freelance and photojournalism. In a way, I feel like this may become  the way of future photojournalists. In fact, journalists such as Elizabeth Conley, Detroit News, have their own freelance business where they make some extra cash on the side– like taking pictures for weddings or portfolios.

While still upsetting, I did find this article enlightening– perhaps giving me some comfort that the way I go about my business is just what I am meant to do.

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