Frankenfood or the reality of the future? – Genetically modified foods

Please excuse the intense display of nerd that is about to happen before your eyes, but I’ve been reading about biotechnology all week long. All month long really.

Working on two extensive research projects and papers about southern African nations starving as a result of economic and political games has resulted in a lot of statistical, number-based research and a lot of something you all read…news-based articles.

Take for example this article about the Zambian government refusing food aid in the early 2000s. Genetically modified foods, or crops genetically altered to produce higher agricultural yields, have caused quite a stir in the European Union and many environmental groups, such as Greenpeace, internationally.

Trade with E.U. member states has caused many developing nations to refuse GM food aid (usually from the United States) in fear of harming trade relations. As of late, these are nations that are effectively starving their own people by refusing aid.

Debates remain about health safety of genetically modified foods, although no major scientific studies have showed any harm.

It’s a hot topic of the moment globally. And it’s consuming my life currently.

The studying continues…welcome to the life of a Madison student.

By: Lauren McKown


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