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By: Allen Martin

MSU – Mariam Sticklen, a crop and soil sciences professor, was found to have plagiarized an article that appeared in the February 2010 issue of Plant Science. She was said to have paraphrased an article she was peer reviewing without attributing it. Sticklen admitted to the situation stating, “I regret this error and wish to apologize to the authors of the Plant Science article.” Disciplinary action has been taken, but did not elaborate on what these actions consisted of.

By: Lindsay Nowak

MSU- The university announced last week that Lake Superior State University will now have a pact with the College of Human medicine. The pact guarantees students a spot with the college their senior year and is among the five other universities that are also participating. Preference is for students that are disadvantaged or who want to practice in under-served areas. The goal is to encourage students to return back to the U.P. to practice after they finish school.


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