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MEDICINAL MARIJUANA Matthew Watkins, 17-year-old Michigan native, is fighting brain cancer. With chemotherapy and radiation Matthew suffers weight loss, anxiety and headaches. When their oncologist mentioned medicinal Marijuana, his mother was hesitant. Many physicians are also hesitant despite the new and innovative law, which allows any physician licensed in Michigan to certify a patient. Still, Matthew’s mother was desperate to try anything. Since beginning the treatment, Matthew has gained all of his weight back and the marijuana has helped ease his headaches.

By Mo Hnatiuk

MICHIGAN “TRYING NEW THINGS”– Michigan could recover faster than the U.S. economy since it’s been down so long and is more ready for change. Gov. Jennifer Granholm has proposed a plan that would encourage 7,000 state government workers and 39,000 public school employees into retirement to address a state budget crisis. Other proposals are being put out there as well as other actions to improve Michigan economy.

By Samantha Scheltema

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