DNA Samples of Those Arrested

By Patrice Hendrix

I recently read a news article from a non-mainstream news source I follow.  The site is called  Blacklisted News.  The article Obama Supports DNA Sampling Upon Arrest caught my eye and I had to know more.  Apparently, laws have been passed that allow police officers to take samples of DNA from those who are arrested.  No, you don’t have to be a criminal or convicted of anything, but if you go into police custody for any reason the law now says that police have a right to obtain DNA from you.

Supposedly, this law is going to help law enforcement solve more cases and lessen the chances of someone being wrongfully accused of a crime they didn’t commit.

Well I decided to do a little digging and come to find out some retired police superintendent in England made a sweeping statement saying that “Police officers in England and Wales have made arrests just to get people on to the DNA database.”

Apparently, 18 states in the US are already actively gathering DNA from anyone placed under arrest.

I must confess that this has me totally on edge, as it violates our privacy and gives police more power than they should have.  It is also frightening to read claims that police have an agenda to arrest folks just to get DNA.  Scary world we live in…

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