MSU Football on the Rebound?

By: Allen Martin

ESPN has decided to highlight the MSU football team in a recent article. I loved how the article

Michigan State University head coach Mark Dantonio

not only discussed the setbacks that the team is currently facing, but also highlighted the good aspects that the squad has experienced under coach Mark Dantonio. It talks of the how the team reached back-to-back bowl games when Dantonio first arrived. Things seemed to be moving in a positive direction for the team, but recently a changed has occurred.

The MSU football team ended this season with a record of 6-7.  Close, heartbreaking loses seemed to become a trend of the team and contributed to their below .500 record. Not only that, players were involved in a fight with a college fraternity on campus. This caused many players to become suspended and deal with the consequential legal problems.

Coach Dantonio is making it a goal of his to become more personable with his team stating,”Our players are gravitating toward leadership. A lot of times, leaders are born out of crisis situations. I think back to 2007, when we first came in here, we had a great group of leaders. We have to continually train people to move up in that realm of leadership.”

Look for a change in 2010 ladies and gentlemen.


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