International Budget – Week of 04/12/10

POLAND – Polish President Lech Kaczynski died Saturday in a plane crash in western Russia along with many other top Polish officials on their way to a remembrance ceremony commemorating the Soviet massacre of more than 20,000 in the ’40s Heavy fog contributed to the crash and 96 total people are estimated dead. Many bills were waiting on Kaczynski to sign and the political landscape will be dramatically changed. The people of Poland are currently participating in many remembrance ceremonies.

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GREECE – Greek will receive a loan of up to 30 billion Euros at very low rates to bail out its struggling economy after 16 nations of the EU came together Sunday to make an official offer. Heads of the involved government still have to come together to sign the deal before it is finalized. The interest rate is to be about 5 percent for a three-year loan, which is more than what is charged by the I.M.F. I.M.F funding will also be made available to Greece.

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