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By Samantha Scheltema

Detroit — Members of the Hutaree militia allegedly want to break 25-year-old Adrian man, Jason Priest, out of jail. He was sentenced to nine years in prison March 5 for being a felon in possession of firearms and suspected of making a bomb. Priest’s record includes a jail sentence for possessing explosives with intent to terrorize. Hutaree members David Stone Sr. and his son Joshua had visited him from time to time. Hutaree members had planned to kill a police officer, then use explosives to attack a funeral procession containing scores of mourning officers.

Orion Township – Norma Lira will spend the next two years in prison for one third-degree criminal sexual conduct with a 13-year-old friend of her daughter. She had pleaded no contest to sexual conduct. The incident happened between August and October of 2009 in Lira’s home. She had been lodged at the Oakland County Jail since Jan. 26. She did not have a criminal record before this incident.

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