Roger Waters is at it again

By Annie Perry

As I was looking for articles for the entertainment news budget, I came across a short New York Times article called, “All in All, It’s Just a Live Tour of ‘The Wall.'”

My dad was not shy about his musical tastes, and Pink Floyd was one of the groups I grew up with. When my dad wasn’t asking me if my face hurt, he was telling me that if I don’t eat my meat, I can’t have any pudding (even though I’d most likely be pushing away my spinach and asking for ice cream).

So, it was no surprise that I instantly cracked up when I read Dave Itzkoff’s lede: “After more than two decades of making us eat our meat, Roger Waters is finally giving us the pudding…”

The rest of the article was short and gave details about the tour, which begins Sept. 15 in Toronto and concludes Dec. 13 in Anaheim.

But the headline and lede made reading it totally worth it.


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