Huckabee Slams New Jersey Student Paper

By Lindsay Nowak

Former presidential candidate Gov. Mike Huckabee sat down with student journalists last week at the College of New Jersey, however after reading the final product, he feels the students “grossly distorted” his views.  Along with that, Huckabee was quoted as saying “the young college student hopefully will find a career other than journalism.”

The article, which is from the Huffington Post, is actually an open letter to Mike Huckabee via The College of New Jersey and HuffPost College. Huckabee claims his views were inaccurately reported, and that the journalist who interviewed him sensationalized his views of same-sex marriage. He also claimed he  “offerred support” for Michael Steel (RNC Chairman involved in strip club scandal) but the interview audio proves otherwise.

The open letter unveils part of the interview and suggests Huckabee “apologize to college journalists everywhere for attempting to maneuver himself out of a controversy by calling into question our integrity.” Amen to that.

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