Pulitzer Prize Article: American Solider

While looking through the Pulitzer Prize winners I saw a photo of a solider and it caught my attention right away. Ian Fisher: American Solider, from the Denver Post, is an amazing example of what multi-media standards should be and it’s easy to see why it won a Pulitzer.

The story is all about Ian Fisher’s journey through the military. Starting from the very beginning, when he signed up to join, all the way through to his deployment in Iraq and then back home, with no details left out in between.

The photos are nothing less than amazing. You can see the emotion and watch as Fisher, and his friends and family, went through a very interesting time. You can’t help but smile when you finally get to the last chapter, Coming Home, and watch all the joy on everyone’s faces that Fisher came home safely.

It’s heartwarming, heartbreaking and every other emotion that comes with signing up for the military. You get an excellent view into what it’s like for a young teen to became an American Solider in today’s society and grow up far more in the few years this took place than he probably did in his whole lifetime before.


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