Driven to Distraction

The New York Times won the Pulitzer for National Reporting for its series called Driven to Distraction. This series has over two dozen articles spanning from mid-July 2009 to mid-March 2010. Most of the articles deal with how distracting cell phones can be to drivers, but some articles describe what effect cell phones have on pedestrians, and how other electronics effect people. The articles are mostly long and in depth, taking the issue from different angles and even going back to the 1960’s when the first car phone was invented.

The articles cover many different angles. One talks about computers in car dashboards. Another talks about the use of computers, radios, navigation systems, and cell phones in emergency vehicles. Yet another talks about cab drivers using their cell phones while driving despite a ban over a decade ago. One of the articles talks about the dangers technologic billboards pose to drivers.

The articles were written by the New York Times, so there is going to be a lot more text than multimedia, but it still incorporated a fair amount of pictures, audio, video, and even a few games.

The entire package can be seen here


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