Garnett Suspended for Game 2

by Craig Ebinger

Celtics star forward Kevin Garnett was suspended for game two of the Heat – Celtics series.  This is after he elbowed Heat forward Quentin Richardson with 40 seconds remaining in the Celtics game one victory.

The incident started after Garnett’s teammate Paul Pierce was on the ground in pain after being bumped by Udonis Haslem  of the Heat.  Garnett was standing over him and Richardson came over to them.  It is unclear what was said but Garnett gave Richardson a little nudge with his elbow and then they started jawwing at each other, resulting in players from both teams getting involved.  In the scuffle, Garnett threw an elbow and connected with Richardson’s face.

“The elbow wasn’t deliberate,” Garnett said.  “The league does what it has to do to set the tone. I respect that. It’s time to move on and get back to a wonderful series.”

Without Garnett, Rasheed Wallace appears to be in line to start, Glen “Big Baby” Davis should plan on seeing increased minutes, and Sheldon Williams may even see time.

The Celtics will definitely have their work cut out for them without  Garnett, who commands a double-team on offense and is their emotional leader on defense, as well as being an incredible force and intimidator, for lack of a better word.

Game two will be played Tuesday night at 8.


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