Weekly Budget 4/20/2010

State News

By Mo Hnatiuk

DETROIT– Federal court officials have finally released the audio tape of the rallying speech that Brian David Stone, convicted member of the Hutaree, gave  to gain support from other militias for his plan to start a war with government officials. Detroit News says “in a high-pitched voice, Stone launches into his speech, complete with poor grammar.” He makes many references to the government as a “New World Order.” Also, group photos of the Hutaree have been released showing 8 members that were never indicted.

DETROIT– The Detroit Public School district has targeted 44 schools for closure as part of a $1 billion restructuring plan. Among those schools are eight facilities that cater to students with special needs. The district plans to build a new central center for students with the most severe disabilities, while other students will receive renovated buildings or be moved to newer buildings that are better equipped to serve them.

By Samantha Scheltema

Detroit – Demolition of an abandoned house was halted after more evidence may have been uncovered on the murder of Matthew Landry. Landry’s body was found in the house last summer. Landry’s family decided to search the house near Seven Mile and Hayes on their own and found something that appeared to be a bullet lodged in an outer wall. They alerted authorities immediately. Ihab Maslamani was charged with Landry’s death. His attorney said now the death may not be linked to him because the bullet may not be the same as Maslmani’s gun.

Romulus – Icelandic volcanic ash blowing toward Europe has stranded many travelers at Detroit Metro International Airport. Some have been stranded for four days so far. 16 international flights, half coming in, half going out, have been canceled. Some travelers were fine with it, some have been unhappy. Some travelers found alternative flights into Europe to get to their destinations.

MSU News


By Lindsay Nowak

EAST LANSING– MSU graduation will officially be “going green” this year as graduates walk across the stage on May 7-9. The graduating class this semester will be the first class to try out the new “green gowns” made from 12 20-ounce plastic bottles as well as caps made from one 20-ounce plastic bottle. The graduates will receive a diploma made from recycled paper. Commencement programs will be printed with soy-based ink on recycled paper as well. The university also switched from paper invitations being sent out, to nearly 8,000 electronic invitations.

EAST LANSING–  With Earth Day on Thursday, April 22, MSU’s Office of Campus Sustainability will be honoring units on campus that earned Green Certification by demonstrating the best practices for sustainability. They will also be awarding “sustainability champions” that are faculty, staff, students, and alumni for their efforts around MSU’s campus.

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