Final Four Merchandise

By: Nick Bryant

Final Four merchandise is one of those things that’s hot one day and not the next.

During the first couple days of April, Final Four merchandise sells like crazy. During the weekend of April 2, Championship merchandise sells like crazy. But unless your team wins, no one cares by April 6, and stores are left with dozens of shirts, hats, jerseys, and other such merchandise.

The Student Book Store on Grand River is one such store. SBS has one of the largest remaining selections of Final Four and Championship merchandise on or around campus.

Mike Wylie, the assistant manager of SBS, said the management learns from the sales of previous years. The store managers look at sales from previous years and “take appropriate measures” to keep what customers want in stock. For example, if last year the store sold out of women’s Final Four shirts within a few days, this year the store will be stocked with more women’s shirts in more designs.

Wylie said they were unsure as to how sales would go this year.

“Last year was a good year because (the game) was very unexpected” Wylie said. He said they were not sure if fans would be as excited if the MSU basketball team made it to the Final Four again, but students were “still as excited as the year before.”

Students were just as excited this year as they were last year, and they bought just as much merchandise. According to Wylie, sales were about the same this year as they were last year.

The map below shows the locations of eight stores on and around campus that could potentially still have Final Four merchandise.

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