Anita Blake, losing her valor

By Samantha Scheltema

Procrastination is a curse and Laurell K. Hamilton had gifted that curse. Quite frankly, her Anita Blake series is starting to make me mad. Cerulean Sins was another fantastic book, but it seemed random to me this time. There wasn’t a main focus in the book, it starts off with one of her friends coming home from passing out, then Anita goes into a crime scene, then Anita has sex, then she has to deal with vampire politics, but there is also the vampire “god” that is waking up, and on and on and on. This is the first book (at least that I’ve noticed) with barely anything on the crime which is usually a horrible murder case that Anita solves in the end. Yes, it was still in there and still solved in the end, but most of the book was the vampire stuff.

Anita Blake gets beat up in every single book, but in this one she seems weaker and relies more on the men in her life. Some of her issues are also due to the men in her life, but I miss the kick-ass Anita Blake from the beginning of the series. Definitely an amazing series and something I would recommend to others, but I think I am just in need of variety. I need to read something else for a while…


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