Burglars break into prison?

By Nick Bryant

So, our current events quizzes may be over, but that doesn’t keep me from checking out odd news.

Twice in the last month and a half a prison in Hoorn, 26 miles northeast of Amsterdam, has been robbed. The prison houses criminals nearing the end of their sentences. The inmates are being eased back into society, and are allowed leave on certain weekends. On two of these weekends, the prison was broken into and the televisions were stolen. The prison officials don’t have any suspects, nor do they know how they got in.

The odd articles I find are very well constructed. Most of them are either from AP or from Reuters, and they’re all short and sweet. The articles say what happened, cite a person or two, and they’re done. Great for people who don’t have the time to sit down and read full-length articles. Also great for the choice of article. People don’t care enough to read an entire article on some of this odd news. They read it for a laugh. The shorter the better.

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